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    The nucleus of medical collaboration is a new way to connect and engage with medical minds around the world.

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    MediFellows is a new social media platform that helps  doctors stay connected with other medical professionals. It  provides a digital platform for the medical community that  offers easy access, credible content, and productive  interaction within the industry. In less than five months, over 550 screens were designed  from scratch. No mean feat! The WebWiser crew worked  with a global development team to bring both the mobile and  web apps to life in this short time frame. The WebWiser team designed the brand’s look and feel,  including the iconic MediFellows logo, setting the scene for  the global launch that will establish MediFellows as one of  the best new apps around.


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    MediFellows is not just another social media platform; it's a digital hub meticulously crafted to cater specifically to the needs of healthcare professionals. With seamless access, reliable content, and meaningful interactions, it's poised to redefine medical networking.

    In a remarkable feat of innovation, the iWebwiser team spearheaded the design and development of over 550 screens for mobile and web applications within a mere five months. Collaborating with a global development team, they brought MediFellows' vision to life, creating an intuitive interface and the iconic MediFellows logo that set the stage for its global launch.


    The solution lies in creating a bespoke digital ecosystem tailored for healthcare professionals. MediFellows offers a range of features catering exclusively to the medical fraternity, including:

    • Posts showcasing new research by doctors.

    • Collaborative inputs from peers.

    • Facilitation of meetings and events.

    • Job postings within the medical field.

    • A dedicated marketplace for medical and surgical suppliers.


    Business Impact:

    MediFellows has made waves in the market, earning college accolades and becoming an integral part of medical education. Students now have a platform to engage with industry experts, follow their research, and participate in meaningful discussions. The platform's launch at KZN College has laid the groundwork for further expansion despite initial marketing challenges.

    User Impact:

    MediFellows offers a transformative experience for healthcare professionals, enabling seamless networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration within the medical community. It empowers doctors to stay updated on the latest research, connect with peers globally, and access job opportunities and essential supplies—all within a secure and tailored digital environment. Additionally, for students, it provides a unique opportunity to engage with industry experts, expand their knowledge, and establish valuable connections early in their careers, ultimately shaping the future of healthcare.


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    • Events

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    • Job Portal

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    • MarketPlace

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