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    The value of Primary care

    Assisting health care organisations realise their potential to offer the highest standards in delivery of primary care.

    Mission & Vision

    The mission of Global Primary Care Consultants is to assist organizations to realize their potential in offering the highest standards for the delivery of primary care. Global Primary Care Consultants will work with its partners to educate leaders and staff and facilitate change Global Primary Care Consultants lead in creating exacting standards of primary care. The consultants achieve this goal through consultations, education and facilitation in existing health care organizations. Global Primary Care Consultants is committed to:

    • Optimising the health of patients through the development of high quality primary care organizations;

    • Optimising the health of communities through the integration of community and population health strategies in its program development;

    • Providing resources to medical organisations who desire to improve their health care delivery through practice redesign, quality improvement and the transformation of primary care;

    • Providing resources to medical universities and health staff colleges in the training of medical students, residents and staff in primary care.

    Health care system organizations and stakeholders

    Health care system organizations and stakeholders, including individual medical providers and physician groups, ministries of health and governments, health insurance payers and the communities in which they serve, struggle to manage the clinical, operational, and financial encounters that challenge them and impede their patients and consumers in obtaining a highly satisfactory health care experience. Health care leaders envision a future in which new business and care delivery models, aided by digital technologies, may help to solve today’s problems and to build a sustainable foundation for health care that is affordable, provides excellent patient experience, and delivers high quality results. The medical organizations that can offer these three deliverables will be the ones that will succeed and prosper in the new era of “value-based care”. It is recognized that the successful organizations that operate in this environment have a highly functional and integrated primary health care system.

    Global Primary Care Consultants assists its clients with strategies to effectively rebalance their presence in the evolving health care system in which they operate. They do so through careful assessment of an organization and the environment in which it operates. The consultants work with their client to develop a blueprint that will lead their organization through the desired change that will provide patients with a highly functional primary health care system at the center of all care to provide enhanced access, comprehensiveness, continuity, coordination, prevention, family and community orientation, and patient centeredness


    In the development of new programs with their client, Global Primary Care Consultants integrate primary care with enhanced Community Medicine and Population Health to realize the client’s goals. The consulting team works with the client to assure that a Family Medicine Specialist will be at the center of a vertically and horizontally integrated health system that allows primary care to actively manage and support patients at home and in the community as individual patients and as part of populations. The client will be advised on the use of the most up to date technologies that will support virtual care and direct communication between primary care and secondary and tertiary care as well as all ancillary services.

    The principals of Global Primary Care Consultants have had over 30 years of active leadership and consulting experience for numerous health care organizations both in the United States and around the globe. Founded in 2016 Global Primary Care Consultants, LLC, was created to meet a growing demand for high quality assistance in the development and improvement of private, public and academic organizations as they seek to integrate primary care into and evolve with dynamic and contemporary health systems.
    The company has regional offices in the Eastern Mediterranean Region and in the Southeast Asian Region, directed by Family Medicine leaders. This allows for rapid onsite response for client inquiries. The consulting team is comprised of health care executives in the fields of organization and development, operations, finance, insurance products, marketing, quality accreditation and ACO operations.