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    With over 30 years of experience in the industry and over 60,000 users on our app, we have got your golfing needs covered. We assist golfers in playing private or public golf courses globally. This is done through our concierge service, which links you up with our members around the world. Start your journey with GolfPlayed.

    The vision of GolfPlayed is to create The Ultimate Global Golf Community by establishing a database of like-minded individuals who record, recall, and relive their golfing experiences, share these with friends, and track performance through stats, leaderboards, and flexible reports.


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    There are so many application that were currently available in market related to social communication, like face book, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, where we can also create different groups related to different categories. Our challenge was to develop a system and make to popular with their unique functionalities. Our initial market was South Africa and Delaware, for Medical communities and Doctors.


    We focused on creating a community or a digital system where the client base must be the part of medical community, where only medical related things like: Posts related New research work by a doctor Inputs by other doctors People can meet and decide for a meeting through app People can have an event and can invite other members from the system or outside from the system, and make them the part of it Jobs can be posted, and people can apply A market place for Medical or surgical suppliers, where they can buy an sell. after doing our study with strong references like Facebook, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, we have started designing our system accordingly.

    System Features

    • Keep track of how many golf courses you have played around the world.

    • Global Concierge Service.

    • Track performance through leaderboards.

    • Request To Play Any Course.

    • Personal Introductions To Members.


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